Custom Rubber Bracelets as Promotional or Commemorative Items

Nowadays, almost every event makes use of custom rubber bracelets as promotional and commemorative items. Not only are they durable and economical but also they are very trendy and provide a contemporary feel to the occasion. Unlike their outdated predecessor, the colored ribbons, rubber wristbands can be worn again and again to go with any casual outfit and delightfully kept as souvenirs that stand the test of time.

Swirled BraceletsDesigning the perfect custom rubber bracelets to suit the occasion is such an interesting and enjoyable process. And yes, they are not solely used in sporting events. Today, their versatility encompasses many different kinds of occasions such as raising funds for charity, promoting awareness for a particular cause, hosting exhibits, serving as tickets to a concert, commemorating an event, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, and advertising a service or product, to name a few. All these occasions call for a different design every time, and brainstorming for a bracelet design can be a daunting and overwhelming task for some.

Because our company knows the functionality of custom rubber bracelets, we offer you several options to work with, thereby giving you more freedom to design the perfect bracelet that will meet your event needs. There’s the standard and ever-popular debossed wristband with the sunken-in lettering. There’s the embossed wristband with the raised lettering, helping your logo and brand name to stand out even more. There’s the color-filled wristband with the sunken-in lettering that comes in a different color, making it more visible from afar.  There’s the color-coated wristband, with the outer part of the band painted with a different color, creating a striking contrast.

There’s the one-inch wristband, which is perfect for those who want to incorporate a larger design onto the band and is common in concerts and festivals. There’s the three-fourth-inch wristband for those who want to opt for a smaller size compared to the one-inch bands. There’s the segmented wristband that features two or three colors in the same band for that vivid splash of color. There’s the swirled wristband, which comes in multiple marbled colors creating a tie-dye effect. There’s the silkscreened wristband, which is typically the best option for intricate logos and designs.

There’s the keychain wristband for those who wish to incorporate a metal hardware that offers functionality on top of aesthetic appeal. There’s the micro wristband that comes in a slimmer size and can be worn in multiples. Finally, there is the finger band that is small enough to be worn on the fingers like trendy colorful rings.

BraceletWhatever the theme is for the event you’re celebrating, our company can produce the right custom rubber bracelets you have in mind. Whatever you envision your promotional or commemorative band to be, we can help you realize that design for you. If you’re confused and don’t have any idea where to begin, we are also here to offer our consultation service and test out different ideas for you before you decide which band will best represent the occasion. We have a wide array of bright colors to choose from and you can select from any of those vivid hues to symbolize the cause you are promoting or the occasion you are celebrating.

Using custom rubber bracelets will certainly help you with the publicity that you need. Whether it’s for a charity, a business, a fundraising event, or a sports competition, using those hip and stylish bands will definitely draw attention to your brand or whatever cause you’re supporting. When other people see your attendees wearing them, it is like shouting out to the rest of the world that your group cares for and is one with that given cause or occasion.

It is short of saying that you have that many people behind you. And, what better way to seal the celebration than by allowing your supporters to wear their pride on their hands? Our rubber wristbands will make for great keepsakes as well and, because they are highly durable, they can be worn again and again and will certainly last for a very long time.