For those of you that don’t feel like spending weeks on a project, here’s three really easy and quick DIY projects for your home.

DIY Industrial Looking Bookshelf with Wood Planks and Ladders

Simply open up two ladders and use planks of woods for support.  This super easy DIY project takes minutes to build and adds a creative, industrial look to any room.

QUICK TIP Don’t spend the big bucks on ladders, get those half price!

industrial looking modern bookshelf DIY projectDIY Couch out of Wood Pallets

You can easily find wood pallets from small, independent or locally-owned garden stores, nurseries, hardware stores, and power equipment stores. The key here is to visit independent stores since large companies and major hardware stores likely have contracts with pallet removal companies.

Stack pallets to create your sitting area. You can then buy cushions or make them your self with the next DIY below.

wood pallets couch DIY makeover

diy sew your own cushion pillow

sew your own couch cushion

DIY Couch Cushions

To create a nice cushion, use foam and a soft fabric. Wrap around the cushion and form and sew the front edge of the cushion. Instead of a zipper, use velcro strips and sew them to the hemmed back of the cushion cover.

DIY Modern Looking Floating Bookshelves

To create a sleek modern look, use bookends to screw on your wall.

Close the first book on it then stack 4 to 6 books over it (depending on the weight).

Alternate your selves on the wall to create a non-linear look.

QUICK TIP Don’t know where to start?

modern floating bookself do it yourself

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