The bathroom is often the smallest room in a house, however, it can be the most expensive to renovate. If you have an out-of-date bathroom that desperately needs a makeover but not have a huge budget, you should stick to recycling and reusing.

If you have out-of-date tiles that are still in good condition, reuse them. A quick coat of ceramic paint will do the job.

QUICK TIP If you break a tile while remodeling or you already have broken tiles, simply glue them back in place and the paint over them will hide the mess.

For your paint to stick properly, make sure you really clean your tiles in depth. Soap scum and other residues can affect your paint. The easiest way to do so is with a regular cream cleanser.  If you have mold on your tiles, you will need to clean them with a bleach and water solution.

QUICK TIP If you want to clean mold with natural products, you can try lemon juice or vinegar.

Further on, if your bathroom needs a new vanity, you can visit your local recycling yard to find a used vanity in good shape. I also suggest visiting major hardware stores and asking for discounted products that they sometimes do not keep on the floor. Another alternative is to buy bedroom furniture and adding a sink onto it. You can find them online or at used furniture stores. Read this article for a vanity DIY project.

For a beautiful mirror, I recommend doing it yourself. This DIY will save you hundreds of dollars compared to a traditional mirror.

DIY Make Your Own Mirror out of a Used Framed Pictureeasy mirror diy bathroom

For this project, you will need this Mirror Spray can ($10), a Gloss Spray can ($3) and an old frame. You can either use a frame you are already not using or find on in a thrift store.

Remove the frame and spray the total surface of the glass twice with the Mirror Spray. After those two coats, paint the frame separately or leave it as is if it still in good condition.

To spray the frame, lay it down on newspapers and spray the Gloss everywhere making sure you get it in the grooves and  gapes otherwise it will stand out.

If your bathtub is out-dated but still is in good shape, you can use a bath inserts. They cost about $800 and you can save a lot by doing the work yourself.

DIY Bath insertsdo it yourself bath

First, put in the insert and use a magnet on the original drain.

Then just cut a hole.

Next, lift the insert out and cover the old bath with adhesive foam.

Put the bath insert back. Screw in the drain.

Silicone the edges and enjoy a brand new bathtub in under two hours!

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